My Checklists - Checklist Summary - Overall Progress

The Checklist Summary provides access to the Overall Progress, and provides a place where the Manager or User can see all the competencies across the checklists that have been assigned to the user. The Overall Progress is a snap shot of the progress for all checklists belonging to the user.

End users access their checklists by going to Performance > My Checklists. They are taken to the My Checklists page, which defaults to the Checklist Summary - Overall Progress tab. The user can then navigate to a specific checklist by clicking the checklist title displayed on the summary page or in the vertical navigation on the left. Note: From the My Checklists page, checklists that are part of a curriculum or certification are also visible.

Managers and verifiers access the Checklist Summary page by selecting a user from the Manage Observation Checklists page. See Manage Observation Checklists - Verifier or Manager.

Vertical Navigation

The vertical navigation on the left provides links to the Checklist Summary and any checklists the user is assigned. The Checklist Summary link is always listed first.

  • Users can see links to all of their checklists that are in a status of Active, Not Started, In Progress, or Past Due. If a user clicks the title of a Completed checklist from the Checklist Summary, the selected checklist appears in the vertical navigation as well.
  • Managers viewing an employee's checklist page can see links to all of the user's checklists that are Active, Not Started, In Progress, or Past Due. If a user clicks the title of a Completed checklist from the Checklist Summary, the selected checklist appears in the vertical navigation as well.
  • Verifiers can only see links to the names of the user's checklists for which they are a verifier.

Checklist Report

Click the Checklist Report link to view the checklist report for the user. This link is visible for all roles accessing the checklist page. See My Checklists - Checklist Report.

Overall Progress

The Overall Progress tab displays a snapshot of the user's Active, Not Started, In Progress, and Past Due checklists. The checklist that is due the soonest is listed first.

Select the Show Completed option to include any completed checklists in the display.

For each checklist, the following information is displayed:

Field Name Description
Show Completed Select this option to view all instances of recurring checklists. By default, only checklists that are not completed appear on the My Checklists page.
Name The checklist name. When the Show Completed option is selected, all instances of a recurring checklist are grouped together under the most recent instance of the checklist, regardless of the status of the previous instance.
  • Users can expand the recurring checklist to view all instances by clicking the Expand icon . The Expand icon is only available if the recurring checklist has multiple instances. All instances of a recurring checklist are sorted by Date Assigned with the most recently assigned checklist displayed first.
  • Users can click the name of any checklist to view the details of that instance of the checklist.
Type Standard or Recurring
Date Assigned The date the checklist was assigned to the user.
Date Completed This column is only available when the Show Completed option is selected. This column displays the completion dates of any completed checklists.
Due Date The user's due date for the checklist.
Status - The user's checklist status. Not Started No competencies or skills in the checklist are validated.
In Progress At least one competency or skill in the checklist is validated.
  • A validation can be made automatically when a competency or skill has been validated in a different checklist previously assigned to the user. For example, a user is assigned Checklist A and Checklist A has the Administration of Medicines competency, in which two of the skills are validated. Two months later, the same user is assigned Checklist B, which also contains the Administration of Medicines competency. The two skills that are validated in Checklist A are automatically validated in Checklist B as a result.
Completed All competencies and skills are verified within the checklist.
  • It is possible for a checklist to switch from Complete to In Progress if a completed checklist is augmented with additional competencies or skills. In this situation, if the due date is past, the status becomes Past Due.
Past Due The due date has past and the checklist is not complete.
Rating The user's overall score on the checklist. This column only appears if a rating scale was configured for at least one of the checklists that display. The score is only displayed if a rating is entered for each item within the competency in the checklist for the user. The rating value appears as it is configured to in the checklist (text, numeric, both).
  • The rating score is calculated as an average of each competency average. No weighting is applied. The numeric score is rounded to one decimal place.
  • If an item is checked, but is unrated (e.g., rated as N/A), it does not factor into the score but does not prevent the competency from having an overall score, unless all items have an N/A rating.
Progress This displays the completion percentage value of the associated checklist.

All Competencies

Click the All Competencies tab to view all competencies across checklists.

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