Playlists - End User View

Learners can consume and follow playlists created by users they admire and use the suggested training in playlists to develop their careers.

Learners can access playlists via Learner Home, Learning Search, and the [User's] Playlists page. After opening a playlist, the training items within the playlist can be launched. Visibility of playlists is controlled by the constraints for the permission to make playlists visible and the Privacy setting available to playlist creators. For information about finding playlists, See Learner Home - Playlists.


When a learner accesses a playlist, the following information and features display on the page:

  • Banner - The playlist banner is comprised of thumbnail images from the training included in the playlist.
  • Title - This is the title provided for the playlist.
  • Options - The Options button in the upper-right corner of the page provides access to the following options:
    • View as Admin - Click this option to view the playlist learning object (LO) in edit mode via the Course Console. This option is only available to users with permission to view or update the Course Catalog.
  • Items - This field displays the total number of training items contained within the playlist. All training items added to the playlist are included in this figure, including items that are active, inactive, available, and unavailable.
  • Last Updated - This field displays the last date the playlist was modified.
  • Description - This is the description provided for the playlist by the creator.
  • Creator Information - The following information about the playlist creator displays, provided the relevant playlist permission is enabled:
    • Profile photo - This photo is the system profile uploaded for the user via My Account.
    • User name - This is the name of the playlist creator, as provided by the user record.
    • View Profile - Users can click this link to view the playlist creator's Universal Profile.
    • Bio - This is the bio information the user has provided about themselves via their Universal Profile. Click the Read All link to read the entire bio. If no content is available for this field, the Bio does not display.

Playlist Structure

All the training added to the playlist displays in the playlist structure, where it can be launched by the learner.

Playlist View

Users can select from two layouts when viewing a playlist structure:

  • Timeline View - When selected, the training items added to the playlist display on two sides of a center line.
  • List View - When selected, the training items added to the playlist display in a simple list format.

Training Tiles

Each training item added to the playlist structure displays as a tile. Each tile provides the following information and options:

  • Thumbnail Image - The thumbnail image for the training displays at the top of the training tile.
  • Training Type - This is the learning object (LO) type of the training, such as online course, curriculum, event, etc.
  • Title - This is the title of the training item.
  • Status - If the training is already on the user's transcript, the current status for the training displays.
  • Annotations - If the playlist creator added an annotation for the training item, the annotation is visible in the training tile.
  • Actions - The following additional actions may be available for training items:
    • Primary Transcript Action - The Actions drop-down provides quick access to the current primary action on the user’s transcript for the specific training item. For example, if the current action for the training on the user's transcript is Launch, a Launch link displays.
    • Secondary Transcript Actions - Any other available transcript actions available to the user for the training item appear in the Actions drop-down menu and allow the user to perform the associated action on the training.
    • Save for Later - Click the option to save the training item for later. The item is saved to the Saved for Later carousel on Learner Home. See Learner Home - Training and Banner Carousels.

    Related Learning

    Below the playlist structure, a carousel of additional training recommendations displays, which can help the learner continue their learning journey. See Playlist Details.