Express Class Gathered Learning Capture Tool - Overview

The Express Class Gathered Learning Capture Tool allows facilitators and administrators to quickly and easily document gathered learning after the learning takes place and give credit to the learners, from either a mobile or a desktop device.

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Use Cases

Use Case #1: Impromptu Training

Bill, a warehouse foreman, sees one of his warehouse unloaders, Zack, drop a stack of boxes onto the floor in the warehouse while operating a forklift. Bill sees an opportunity to give Zack additional training on forklift driving. After giving Zack training, Bill marks adds Zack to Forklift Training 101 on his tablet using Express Class and marks Zack as complete. Zack receives transcript credit for the training.

Use Case #2: Informal Training

Henry, an intern, is having trouble evaluating data in a data analysis software and decides to ask Michelle, his learning administrator, for help. Recognizing that this could be a good learning opportunity for another intern, Michelle asks another intern named David to join them. After an hour of instruction, Michelle decides that Henry and David have learned enough to warrant the completion of the Data Analysis 101 course offered in their company's portal, so she retroactively adds them as attendees to this instructor-led training (ILT) course via Express Class and gives them transcript credit for the training.

Use Case #3: Classroom Training

Andy, a training facilitator at ACME Corp, is responsible for training groups of employees on machinery used on the manufacturing floor. Each week, he gathers employees who require machinery training, delivers the training himself, and then adds the employees who attended his training as attendees to his Express Class, selects the appropriate training in the catalog, and gives them transcript credit for their time with him.


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