Express Class on Transcript

Training assigned via Express Class appears on users' learning transcripts. The options and information available for Express Classes on users' transcripts may differ from other training types on the transcript.

To access your transcript page, go to: Learning > Transcript.


The following actions are available on the transcript for Express Classes:

  • View Training Details - Click this option to view the Training Details page for the Express Class. This action is always available for Express Classes, regardless of whether the Express Class result is Complete or Incomplete. On the Training Details page, the View Observation History link displays along with general information about the training. Click the View Observation History link to view observation information for the Express Class training. See the Observation History section below for more information about the information available on the Observation History page.
  • ReRequest - Click the ReRequest option to receive a new instance of the training on your transcript in a Registered status. This option is ONLY available if ALL the following conditions are met:
    • The transcript status for the Express Class is Incomplete
    • Recurrence is enabled for the training contained in the Express Class
    • The user is included in the availability for the training item

Observation History

The header of the Observation History page contains the following information:

  • Profile Photo - The evaluated user’s profile photo
  • Name - The evaluated user’s full name
  • Training Name - The title of the attempted training
  • Completed - The date the training was marked complete
  • Score - The numeric score awarded for the user’s training attempt (if provided)

The most recent Express Class completion attempt displays below the Observation History page header. If provided by the observer at the time the attempt record was submitted, the following information displays for each attempt:

  • Result - Displays whether the observer marked the user as Completed, Incomplete, or Failed for the training attempt
  • Date - The date the user's training attempt was recorded
  • Score - Displays the numeric score the user achieved on the training, if applicable
  • Comment - Any comments regarding the training completion attempt, if provided by the observer/facilitator


  • Any On the Job Training records submitted via Express Class will NOT appear on the On the Job Training - Observer page.