Check-Ins Home Page

The Check-Ins home page lets users view and manage meetings that they created or meetings in which they are involved.

From the Check-Ins home page, you can perform the following tasks:

Note: The content on the home page will vary based on whether you are a new or returning check-ins user and how your administrator configured the page.

To access the home page, go to your organization's home page and select Check-Ins.

Welcome Content

This area provides welcome content for new or returning users.

Create New Check-In

Click Create new check-in to create a new check-in discussion and add participants, meeting dates, and topics. See Check-Ins - Create a New Check-In Meeting .

Upcoming/Past/Recently Modified Tabs

View upcoming, past, and recently modified Check-In meetings by clicking the appropriate tab on the home page.

Each tab contains the following information:

  • The name of the user who created the Check-Ins meeting.
  • The type of meeting, such as a Goals Check-in.
  • The frequency of the meeting, such as weekly or monthly.
  • The date of the next meeting.

The Recently Modified tab does not include the date of the next meeting. Instead, it contains the date of the modification.

You can click on any Check-Ins meeting to view or add new meetings or manage meeting topics. See Check-Ins - Manage Topics .

Check-Ins Instructions

This section provides instructions to create check-ins or other information that is useful to your organization.

Getting Started Tips

This section provides helpful micro-learning videos. Click any video to view it.