Check-Ins Home Page

Use the Check-Ins home page to view and manage meetings and follow-up action items.

From the Check-Ins home page, you can perform the following tasks:

Note: The home page is configurable by your administrator, so the content may vary.

To access the Check-Ins Home Page, go to your organization's home page and select Check-Ins.

Check-Ins Icons

The following icons are always visible on this page:

Check-Ins Menu- Click this icon to return to the Check-Ins Home Page.
Search- Locate people with whom you want to start a check-ins discussion, search for participants in current discussions or search for previously conducted Check-Ins with participants who are inactive or no longer work for the company. You can also locate participants from archived conversations. Note: You cannot create check-ins with inactive users.


People Bar- Displays all participants with whom you had a Check-In discussion. Click any member to view their meeting dates, archive a meeting, or create a new check-in discussion. If there are more than five people on the People Bar, only participants that you had a Check-In with in the last 31 days will display.


This area may contain welcome information or instructions.

Upcoming Tab

The Upcoming tab provides information about the status follow-up action items assigned to you. Incomplete Follow-Ups are color-coded based on the due date:

  • Red - Past the assigned due date
  • Yellow - Due within seven days
  • Black - Any follow-up that's incomplete, regardless of due date

Click any follow-up number to open the Follow-Ups flyout where you can change the status of an action item.

Past/Recently Modified Tabs

The Past and Recently Modified tabs provide information about past and recently modified Check-In meetings.

Each tab contains the following information:

  • The name of the user who created the Check-Ins meeting.
  • The type of meeting, such as a Goals Check-in.
  • The frequency of the meeting, such as weekly or monthly.
  • The date of the next meeting.

Note: The Recently Modified tab does not include the date of the next meeting. Instead, it contains the date of the modification.

Click on any Check-Ins meeting to view or add new meetings or manage meeting topics. See Check-Ins - Manage Topics .

Create New Check-In

Click Create new check-in to create a new Check-In discussion and add participants, meeting dates, and topics. See Check-Ins - Create a New Check-In Meeting .

Getting Started Tips

This section may provide helpful micro-learning videos. Click any video to view it.

View Check-Ins

Mobile users can use the View Check-Ins link to access the people bar to select a person and view the appropriate check-in. Note: The View Check-Ins link is not visible if a user has no existing check-ins.