Check-Ins Dashboard

The Check-Ins Dashboard lets users view and manage current discussions and create new discussions.

From the Check-Ins Dashboard, you can perform the following tasks:

Note: The content on the dashboard will vary based on whether you are a new or returning check-ins user and how your administrator configured the page.

To access the dashboard, go to your home page and select Check-Ins.

Welcome Content

If visible, this area provides welcome content for new or returning users.

Create New Check-In

Click Create new check-in to create a new check-in discussion and add participants, meeting dates, and topics. See Check-Ins - Create a New Check-In Meeting .

Recent Check-Ins

The Recent Check-Ins section displays the current discussions in which you are a participant as follows:

  • The name of participants in the meeting.
  • The type of meeting, such as a Goals Check-in.
  • The frequency of the meeting, such as weekly or monthly.
  • The date of the next meeting.

You can click on any discussion in this list to view or add new meetings or manage discussion topics. See Check-Ins - Manage Topics .

Check-Ins Instructions

If visible, this section may provide instructions to create check-ins or other information that is useful to your organization.

Getting Started Tips

If visible, you can view helpful micro-learning videos. Click any video to view it.