Check-Ins - Create a New Check-In Meeting

Users can create a new check-in meeting, add participants, select a meeting template, add and modify topics, and schedule meeting dates.

To create a new Check-In, go to Performance > Check-Ins.

  • If this is the first time creating a check-in meeting, click the Get Started button on the home page.
  • If this is not the first time creating a check-in meeting, click the Create New check-in button on the home page.

Note: Your administrator can change the name of these buttons, so your button names may be different.

Create a New Check-In Meeting

  1. On the Create a new check-in page, search for and select the user you want to include in this meeting, and then select the Continue button. You can only create a meeting with users who are within your permission constraints. Note: Search results may include inactive users. You cannot create check-ins with inactive users.

  1. Select the button for the template you want to use in this meeting and click Continue. Click Details to view general information and topics for the template. You can only view and select templates to which you have access.

  1. Review or edit your options. You can modify:
    • Check-In Name - Name of the check-in meeting. Enter up to 200 characters.
    • Check-In Description - Description of the check-in meeting. Maximum 1000 characters.
    • Meeting Frequency - How often you want to schedule meetings for this discussion. Options are As Needed, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, and Quarterly.
    • First Meeting Date - The date of the first Check-In meeting. Note: If the current date is selected, the meeting list shows today’s date.

    You can also review the topics associated with this template.

  1. Click Confirm to create the meeting.

The meeting and topic view opens. See Check-Ins - Manage Meetings and Topics.