Reporting 2.0 - Charting

The Chart panel on the Builder page lets you create charts in order to display data visually. Charting lets you create pie, line, bar, and column charts that can be exported as images. You can also define the X and Y axis of the chart by using the Summarize by and Measure fields.

To access Reporting 2.0, go to Reports > Reporting 2.0.

Chart Options

The following options are available in the Chart Options kabob menu:

Chart Legend/Values

Charts show up to 50 plot points in a one dimension chart and up to 2,500 chart points for a two dimension chart. The chart legend displays to the right of the chart. The legend lists each plot point of the chart in order from highest to lowest value.

Column, Line, and Bar charts that only have one dimension and one measure will not have a legend. Pie charts always have a legend.

You can also view the dimensions and measure name by hovering over the colored section of the chart.

Publish to Dashboards

Charts that are created for a report in Reporting 2.0 can be published as dashboards. See Reporting 2.0 - Publish to Dashboards.


When you click Refresh to view the chart, a report type pop-up What type of report are you building? may appear, depending on the fields you have included in the report. Select the report type from the drop-down in the pop-up. Then, click Apply. See Reporting 2.0 - Report Types.

The chart preview shows up to 1,000 results. When viewing the chart on the Report Viewer, the chart shows up to 2,000 results.

Note: Chart values always display starting from zero in the user interface. When exporting the chart, the export format adjusts based on the format and data, which could result in starting from a value other than zero.