Applicant Review Tab - Interview Status Type Overview

Interview status type panels on the Applicant Review tab of the requisition template enable administrators to define an interview process for the status. The name of the status displays as the panel name.

When a status has a status type of Interview, all of the options that are available for the Interview status type appear in the panel. The panel is expanded by default. Completing the fields in the Interview status type panel is not required on the requisition template.

Status change emails can be configured for the Interview status type panel. See Status Change Emails.

Note: There are many scenarios in which an organization may prefer to define a status other than Interview as an Interview status type. For example, if an organization requires all applicants to have a phone screening, then the organization can create a custom status named Phone Screening and select the status type as Interview. This enables the administrator to configure interview functionality for the custom Phone Screening status.

To access requisition templates, go to Admin > Tools > Recruit > Requisition Templates. Then, click the Manage Requisition Template icon in the Options column for the Position organizational unit (OU). This opens the Requisition Templates page for a Position OU for which at least one template has been created.

Note: If the Manage Requisition Template icon is gray , this means a requisition template has not yet been created for the Position OU. Clicking the icon when it is gray opens a blank requisition template to create for the Position OU. Once the template is saved, you are redirected to the Requisition Templates page.

Interview Type

The Interview Type drop-down enables you to determine the kind of interview that is available for the status. The following interview types are available:

  • Scheduled Interview - A scheduled interview can be an In Person, Phone, or Live Video interview. Live Video interviews are video interviews that are conducted in real-time between one or more interviewers and the applicant, and are available through HireVue. The Scheduled Interview option is selected by default in the Interview Type field. When this option is selected, the Interview Guide field displays.
  • On Demand Video Interview - An On Demand Video interview is an interview that is conducted asynchronously by the applicant in HireVue.