Role - Create - Step 2 - Assignment

When creating a role, the Assignment page is the second step. This page enables administrators to associate roles with positions. The employees in the selected positions are measured against the role qualifications requirements. If a user leaves a position that is related to a role, then the user is no longer measured against the role requirements unless the user's new position is also related to the role.

To create a role, go to Admin > Tools > Performance Management > Manage Roles. Then, click the Create New link.

Related Position - Add

To associate a position with a role, click the Add Positions link. This opens the Select Position pop-up. Select one or more positions and click Done. The selected positions appear in the Related Positions table.

Administrators can only assign roles to users within their Role Management permission constraints.

  • When an administrator creates a role, the administrator's Role Management permission constraints are applied to the role. Only users within the administrator's Role Management permission constraints are included in the assignment.

  • When editing an existing role, the permission constraints of the administrator who created the role continue to apply to the role assignment, even if the assignment criteria are edited. The administrator's constraints are displayed above the Role Assignment criterion.
  • When duplicating an existing role, all of the role information is copied. However, the new administrator's Role Management permission constraints are applied to the role.

Related Position - Include Subordinates

When the Include Subordinates checkbox is selected, the system includes all subordinate positions in the role.

Related Position - Delete

Administrators can delete a related position by clicking the Delete icon to the left of the related position. A confirmation pop-up appears to confirm that the position should be deleted.

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Modification History

Modifications to the Related Positions page are logged in the Modification History section. This section captures when a related position is added or deleted.