Statuses Tab - Custom Integration Status Type

The Statuses tab displays each Custom Integration status type in a separate panel. The title of the panel is the integration action item title, such as "First Advantage Background Check." Prior to launching the integration action item in the Custom Integration status type panel, a Launch button displays. Clicking Launch navigates the recruiter to the third party integration application.

Once the recruiter completes the third party integration, the recruiter is returned to the Applicant Profile page. The Status field is updated to Complete to indicate that the third party integration application accepted the recruiter's completion for the integration. Any additional data associated with completion for the integration, such as a score or test result, displays below the Status field. Fields that do not return results but that appear in the third party application when completing the integration do not display in the integration panel on the Statuses tab.

For information about the options available in First Advantage status type panels for custom integrations, see the Applicant Profile - Assign First Advantage Screening topic in Online Help and the Applicant Profile - First Advantage Status Panel topic.