Offer Letter Workflow - Send to Candidate

The Send to Candidate column enables you to send the offer letter to the internal or external candidate. The options in this column only appear once the offer letter is in an Approved status. Note: Offer letters that do not have an approval workflow are automatically approved as soon as they are successfully submitted.

The following are the possible options in the Send to Candidate column:

  • Send Offer
  • View Details

Send Offer

The Send Offer button opens the Send Offer pop-up, which enables you to determine how the offer will be sent to the candidate.

View Details

The View Details link displays in the Send to Candidate column once an offer has been sent to the candidate. In addition, the column displays the date on which the candidate's response was sent. Note: For the Paper Mail send option, entering a date in the Date Sent field on the Send Offer pop-up serves as sending the offer to the candidate.

Clicking the link opens the Send Offer pop-up, which displays the details of the offer sent to the candidate. See the Send Offer section above for more information about the Send Offer pop-up.


  • If a newer version is sent to a candidate for acceptance and a response has not yet been received for the existing version, then the new version replaces the existing version on the candidate's My Profile page.
  • The same version of an offer letter can be resubmitted to a candidate multiple times.
  • All candidate responses are tracked, even if a new version of an offer letter is sent or the same version is resent.
  • All final versions of an offer letter are tracked, even if a new version of the offer letter is generated.