Manage Candidates - Invite to Event

The Invite to Event feature lets you invite one or more candidates to interview events. This feature is available from the More drop-down on Manage Candidates.

Pre-Step Note: In order to have interview events available to select, there must be at least one interview event already created in Interview Events & Sessions, and the event must be available to the recruiter who is creating the invite.

To invite candidates to interview events:

  1. Navigate to Recruit > Manage Candidates.
  2. Check the box to the left of the candidate name or use the select all checkbox to select all visible candidates.
  3. Select Invite to Event from the More drop-down. This opens the Invite to Event flyout.
  4. Search for and select an event. The events that display are within your availability, as defined by the administrator when configuring the event. Selecting an event opens the Invite Details flyout.
  5. Configure the following details of the invite:
    1. Interview Format - Select the format of the interview, either In Person, Virtual, or Phone. If Phone is selected, you will have the option to enter a phone number, but this is not required.
    2. Interview Duration - Select the duration of the interview from the drop-down. The options that are available are the time intervals configured for the session part that was selected in the Date field. If only one duration has been configured for all session parts for the event, then that duration value displays by default and cannot be modified.
    3. Date(s) - This field displays the dates available for the event based on the interview duration that was selected. Select one or more specific dates from which the candidate can choose to schedule themselves for an interview. Or, select the Select All value to include all available interview slots from which the candidate can choose. As dates are selected, a count will update to indicate the number of dates selected and the number of available slots for the selected dates that will be shared with the invitees. Note: Be sure that the number of total slots selected is greater than or equal to the number of candidates selected. If the number of total slots selected is less than the number of candidates selected, you will receive an error message and the invitation will not be sent.

    4. Optional Message to Candidates - Use this field if you would like to provide comments to the candidate in regards to the invite.
  6. Click Send. A confirmation message will appear indicating whether the invitation was sent successfully.

Saving the invite also triggers the Invitation to Interview Event email, if enabled and active in Email Administration. This email lets the candidate know they have been invited to the event and can schedule an interview.

The invite is available to candidates in the Pending Tasks section of their profile. From there, they can launch the invite and schedule an interview. Note: If the invitation was sent to more than one candidate, the dates will be available on a first come first serve basis.