Manage Candidates - Give Candidate Feedback

A candidate feedback request is an opportunity for hiring managers and business stakeholders to quickly review candidates for a requisition and provide feedback on the candidates. The request is sent by a recruiter to any user in the organization from whom they would like to get candidate feedback. The request can be sent at any point in the recruiting process and can include multiple candidates across multiple requisitions.

How do I receive a Feedback Request?

When recruiters ask for feedback on candidates, their request is sent to you by email. The request includes a link to the candidate review cohort page. From the cohort page, you can view a candidate's application details, advance or not advance the candidate, and view other users' feedback if visible. You can also comment about a user, if you have permission to comment.

Candidate Review Cohort Page

When you click the feedback link in the feedback request email, you will be directed to a feedback welcome page for the candidates for whom you will be providing feedback. You can access candidates from this page, and it also includes the following information:

  • Get Started button for quick access to the feedback page for the first candidate in the list
  • Date the feedback request was sent
  • Recruiter's message to recipients
  • Name of recruiter who requested the feedback

When you are viewing a candidate and would like to return to the welcome page, click Show Message.

What kind of feedback can I give?

The following feedback options may be available when viewing the candidate review cohort page, depending on the kind of feedback the requester has asked for and your permissions:

Candidate Details on Candidate Review Cohort Page

The following information is available about the candidates: