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Applicant Profile Page - Email Tab

From the Email tab on the Applicant Profile page, recruiters can send, view, and track emails to applicants.

New Email

Click New Email to send an email to the applicant. This opens the Send Message page. See Send Customizable Email.

Note: Emails cannot be sent from the Email tab to applicants submitted by a recruiting agency.

Emails Table

The table displays the emails that have been sent to the applicant.

Note: When an applicant responds directly to a custom email/email from template, the response email from the applicant is not recorded on the History tab or the Email tab on the applicant profile. This is currently the expected functionality of this feature. The responses from applicants will not show in the applicant profile.

The following information displays for each email:

  • Email Received Arrow Icon - The back facing arrow indicates that the email was received. Hovering over the arrow displays a tooltip that identifies the email as received.
  • Email Sent Arrow Icon - The forward facing arrow indicates that the email was sent. Hovering over the arrow displays a tooltip that identifies the email as sent.
  • Subject - This column displays the email subject line. Click the email subject to open the email. This opens the Custom Email Sent or Custom Email Received pop-up, depending on whether or not the email was sent from the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or received by the ATS.
  • From the pop-up, you can view the recipients, subject line, and email string. You can also view attachments by clicking the name of the attachment or the document icon for the attachment. You can also reply to the email by clicking the Reply button, which opens the Send Message page. The subject line and email message are not editable from the pop-up. See Send Customizable Email.

  • Attachment(s) - This column displays a document icon for each attachment included in the email. Hover over the icon to view the name of the attachment. Click the icon to open the attachment.
  • From - This column displays the name and email address of the sender.
  • Date and Time - This column displays the date and time that the email was sent/received.


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