Manage Assignments Page

The Manage Learning Assignments page allows administrators to easily search for and manage previously created learning assignments, as well as create new learning assignments. This page is also the landing page for the Learning Assignment Tool.

To access the Manage Learning Assignments page, go to Admin > Tools > Learning and click the Assignment Tool link.

Create Assignment

Click the Create Assignment button to begin creating a new learning assignment. For detailed information about creating a new assignment, See Create Learning Assignment - Overview.


The Options button allows administrators with the appropriate permissions to access the Certification Proxy Enrollment features, if applicable. However, the Learning Assignment Tool functionality does not apply to these features. Certification assignments must be managed using the proxy enrollment functionality. The following link is available in the Options drop-down menu:

Search Assignments

Existing learning assignments can be searched for and filtered using a variety of criteria. You can find learning assignments using any of the following search features:

  • Search bar - Type an assignment title or assignment ID into this search bar to find learning assignments based on the title or ID. Press Enter on your keyboard or click the search glass icon to process search results according to the criteria you input.
  • Filter - Click this button for an advanced list of filters. An additional section appears on the page, and the following filter options are available:
    • Training Title - Enter a training title into this field to search for learning assignments by the title of the training assigned within the learning assignment. Old proxy enrollments that were converted to learning assignments display their training title as the assignment title, but they cannot be searched for using their assignment title. To search for these old proxy enrollments, enter the training title for the proxy enrollment/assignment into this Training Title field.
    • Created By - Enter the name of a user to search for learning assignments created by that user.
    • Course Code - Enter a course code to search for learning assignments with training associated with that course code. Note: If your portal does not have the course code feature enabled, this field will be hidden.
    • Created Date - Select a date range from the drop-down menu or enter a custom date range within which the assignment(s) was created. The Last 120 Days option is selected by default.
    • Type - Use this drop-down menu to select standard learning assignments, dynamic learning assignments, or both.
    • Status - Use this drop-down menu to select one or more learning assignment statuses.
    • Recurrence - Use this drop-down menu to filter by dynamic learning assignments that are recurring or not recurring.
    • User Criteria - Use the User Criteria drop-down menu to filter learning assignments by assigned user criteria.
    • Source - Use this drop-down menu to filter by how the training was assigned to users. Filter options include:
      • Created with Learning Assignment Tool - This indicates the training was assigned to users via a learning assignment from the Learning Assignment Tool.
      • Created with API - This indicates the training was assigned to users via an API.
      • Created with ILT Roster - This indicates that users were assigned to a session using the Upload Bulk Users option on the Roster page for the session.

    Click the Reset Filters link to remove any filters you have selected and reset them to their default values. Click the Apply Filters button to process search results according to your selected filters.

  • Sort By drop-down menu - Select sorting criteria from this drop-down menu. The learning assignments that display below will automatically refresh and redisplay according to the new Sort criteria. Available sorting criteria includes:
    • Created Date (Newest - Oldest)
    • Created Date (Oldest - Newest)
    • Assignment Title (A-Z)
    • Assignment Title (Z-A)
    • Created By (A-Z)
    • Created By (Z-A)

Learning Assignment Cards

Each previously created learning assignment displays in a card with basic information about the assignment, and options may be available for each assignment depending on its current status and assignment type. The information that displays for each past learning assignment includes:

  • Assignment Title - This field displays the title provided by the assignment creator. Click this title to open the Assignment Summary page for assignments that have been submitted. For assignments in the Draft status, click the title to open the create workflow and resume the draft. Note: Proxy enrollments that were created prior to the activation of the Learning Assignment Tool use the title of their learning object (LO) when they are converted to learning assignments.
  • Assignment ID - This field displays a unique Assignment ID that was auto-generated for submitted assignments. Note: Proxy enrollments that were created prior to the activation of the Learning Assignment Tool do NOT receive Assignment IDs when they are converted to learning assignments.
  • Type - This field displays whether the assignment is standard or dynamic.
  • Status - This field displays the current status of the assignment. For standard assignments, statuses include: Queued, Processed, Cancelled, and Draft. For dynamic assignments, statuses include: Active, Inactive, and Draft.
  • Recurrence - This field displays whether or not the dynamic assignment is recurring. Note: This field only displays for dynamic assignment types.
  • Created Date - This field displays the date and time the assignment was submitted. If the assignment is a draft, it displays the date the draft was started.
  • Created By - This field displays the first and last name of the user who created the assignment.
  • Description - This field displays the assignment description provided by the creator of the assignment, if applicable.
  • Number of training items - This field displays the number of training items selected for the assignment.

The actions available for each learning assignment are accessible from different locations on the assignment tile. Available actions include:

  • Assignment Title - If the assignment status is an unsubmitted draft, clicking the title will redirect the user to the process for creating the learning assignment. If the assignment status is in any status other than Draft, clicking the title redirects the user to the Assignment Summary page for the assignment.
  • User Criteria - To quickly view the user criteria selected for an assignment, click the User Criteria link in the assignment's tile. Clicking the User Criteria link opens a flyout on the left side of the page.
  • Number of Training Items - This linked field displays the number of training items selected for the learning assignment. Click the linked number to view the selected training items in a flyout menu.

Assignment Options

Different actions are available in each assignment's drop-down menu, located in the top right of the Assignment card, depending on whether the learning assignment is a draft or has been submitted. The following action is available for learning assignments in the Draft status:

  • Resume Draft - Clicking this option navigates you back to the creation process for the learning assignment, with all previously saved selections populated. You can continue configuring and submit the assignment. For more information about creating a draft, see Create Draft Learning Assignment.

The following actions are available for submitted learning assignments:

  • Copy - This option allows you to quickly create a new assignment by copying an existing assignment. Clicking the Copy option redirects you to the Setup step of the create assignment workflow. For more information about copying a learning assignment, See Copy - Learning Assignment.
  • View Summary - Click this option to be redirected to the Assignment Summary page for the assignment. See Assignment Summary Page.
  • Cancel - This option is only available for standard assignments in a Queued status when the assignment date is set in the future. Clicking this option causes a Cancel Confirmation pop-up window to appear. If the user proceeds with the cancellation, the status of the assignment will change to Cancelled, and this action cannot be undone. Note: If the cancellation confirmation pop-up window is open, but the assignment finishes queuing and processes, the assignment will not be cancelled.