Certification Proxy Enrollment

Certification proxy enrollment is used to assign a certification to users' transcripts. The proxy enrollment option for certifications can be accessed from the Learning Assignment Tool.

To access proxy enrollment for certifications, go to: Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning Assignment Tool. On the Manage Learning Assignments page, click the Options button in the upper-right corner of the page and click the Certification Enrollment link. Alternately, go to admin > tools > learning > certification proxy enrollment.

Note: The navigation instructions to access the Certification Management page may vary, as it is configurable by system administrators.

Create a Certification Proxy Enrollment

To create a certification proxy enrollment, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > certification Proxy Enrollment. Then on the Proxy Enrollment page, click the Proxy Enrollment for Certification link. Alternately, you can also click Add New. This opens the Certification Proxy Enrollment page. See Certification Proxy Enrollment - Create - Select Certification.

Dynamic Proxy Enrollment Options

For dynamic proxy enrollments, a few additional options are available from the Proxy Enrollment page:

  • Status - The status for dynamic proxy enrollments is a link. Users with permission to create dynamic certification proxy enrollments can click this link to change the Active status for the dynamic proxy enrollment. For example, if the status is Active and it is clicked, the status is changed to Inactive. The status column also contains an indicator that displays the inactive certifications being used by the proxies. To know more about inactive certifications, See Certification Administration.

Note: If customers do not wish to have this indicator displayed on the proxy enrollment page, they can open a case with Global Customer Support to have it disabled.

  • Dynamic Re-Enroll - This toggle controls whether dynamic re-enrollment is enabled for the assignment. When enabled, the dynamic certification proxy dynamically re-enrolls individuals who have been removed from a certification, allowing them to continue to work on the certification requirements. Administrators must have the permission Proxy Enrollment for Certification - Dynamic Re-enrollment to see and enable the Dynamic Re-enroll toggle.

  • Dynamic Removal - This toggle controls whether dynamic removal is enabled for the assignment. When enabled, users are dynamically removed from a certification if they no longer meet the assignment criteria. If the user has permission to set the dynamic removal for a certification proxy enrollment, they can click the Dynamic Removal status to change the status. For example, if the dynamic removal toggle is enabled and it is clicked, the status is changed to OFF. Note: Users who are dynamically removed from a certification are not dynamically re-enrolled if they later match the assignment criteria unless the Dynamic Re-Enroll toggle is also enabled for the dynamic proxy.

Note: If a dynamic proxy for the certification was created with an older version of the certification, then dynamic proxy enrollment will check the current version of the certification to see if it is active or inactive. If the current version of the certification is active, then the current certification version will be assigned through the dynamic proxy. If the current version of the certification is inactive, then no assignment will be done.

View Proxy Enrollment Details

To view the details of a certification proxy enrollment, In the Options column, click the View link. See View Certification Proxy Enrollment Details.

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