ILT Event - Create - Step 1 - Properties - Primary Vendor

For portals with the ability to configure multiple providers for a session, when creating, editing, or copying an event, the Properties step includes the option to add a secondary vendor. In addition, the Vendor field name changes to Primary Vendor.

Note: The changes to the vendor fields on the Properties step only appear if enabled by a backend setting. Once enabled, the changes appear for both new and existing events.

To access Manage Events & Sessions, go to ILT > Manage Events & Sessions.

Select a vendor in both the Primary Vendor and Secondary Vendor fields. In order for sessions to be offered virtually and onsite, one of the vendors must be a virtual provider and the other must be an onsite provider. If both vendors are the same vendor type, either virtual or onsite, then sessions for the event cannot be created with both virtual and onsite options. The Primary Vendor field is required.

See Create an ILT Event - Properties for information about completing the other fields on the Properties step.

Note: Only the primary vendor displays in the Vendor column on the Manage Events & Sessions page.