Shopping Cart and Inventory Overview

Shopping Cart functionality and Inventory allow:

  • Users to purchase more than one learning object in a single transaction.
  • Pre-purchase learning objects to be assigned to other users via Inventory.
  • Print a shopping cart summary or purchase summary that will print in the seller's loaded document template.
  • Customize the shopping cart with HTML boxes by division.
  • Guest users to shop anonymously, and when checking out will register and return to the cart to continue the check out process.
  • Administrator to control Shopping Cart preferences by division.

Who should use Shopping Cart Functionality?

Shopping Cart functionality is best used for extended enterprise. Extended enterprise sells training to users and guest users. That training is configured to be paid for by the user, and the training requires no approval. See E-Commerce Overview.

Who should use Inventory Functionality?

Inventory functionality works with shopping cart functionality. It gives the user the ability to pre-purchase training to be assigned to a specific user at a later date.

Criteria for using Shopping Carts and Inventory: