E-Commerce Overview

The Extended Enterprise or E-Commerce solution helps organizations increase top-line revenue from more productive channels, reduce the cost to sell to and service customers and channels, and increase brand awareness and loyalty.

  • User Experience - Allows access to designated functions without obligating users to log into the application. This enables a business-to-consumer environment where people may search and browse for training, certifications and knowledge offerings prior to registering for or purchasing the related items.
  • Profit Center Support - Includes an eCommerce engine that allows Clients to charge for any of the assets available to its extended enterprise users. The robust configuration settings and business rules allow organizations to set prices by user group and/or individual asset, and provides full support for multiple currencies.

General Benefits of Extended Enterprise Solutions - By delivering targeted learning programs to the extended enterprise, companies have been able to accelerate product/service launches, lower overall support costs, increase customer retention and satisfaction and develop partners with deep product knowledge. Benefits include:

  • Higher brand loyalty
  • Increase productivity
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Better supply chain communication

Partners/Suppliers/Channels: Maximizing Returns - For partner and supplier education, the benefits of focusing on the extended enterprise are numerous and well-documented. When partners and suppliers are a critical part of supporting a product launch, ensuring deep product/service knowledge is as important as training your own internal salespeople. These tools allow companies to focus on channel education, certification and alignment of partner goals with broad business objectives. Benefits include:

  • Increased partner revenues
  • Improved certification rates
  • Increased utilization of products and services
  • Increased channel effectiveness
  • Improved communication

Customers: Building Further Value - Specifically with respect to customer education, Cornerstone Extended Enterprise clients use the platform to help customers get the most of products and services, thereby increasing overall value to both parties. Benefits include:

  • Increased sales value
  • Higher post-sale customer loyalty
  • Higher brand recognition
  • Increased utilization of products and services
  • Lowered costs to serve the customer

Trade and Industry Associations/Reaching Widespread Audiences - Cornerstone also delivers immediate value to trade associations and other similarly structured organizations with large, diffuse memberships. The platform allows for easy distribution of all types of training and professional development opportunities, as well rapid exchange of information, policies, procedures, and documentation.

Develop a Sustainable Revenue Stream - Cornerstone Extended Enterprise offering is used by clients to not only provide a valuable learning service, but also to develop revenue streams that can turn a cost center into a sustainable profit center. The Cornerstone platform includes a wide range of billing and credit card processing tools, along with unlimited control over how training content is distributed to end users.