Course Catalog - Availability

The availability for a training item determines which users can search and browse for the training in system areas such as Global Search, Browse for Training, Learner Home and Learning Search. If no availability is set for a learning object, then no users can access the training independently. However, users can still be assigned the training by a manager or administrator even if the users are not included in the training availability.

Design Note: An updated interface is available for this page, which can be enabled by administrators in Feature Activation Preferences. With the new design, the functionality of the page is unchanged.

To access the Course Catalog, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management > Course Catalog. Then, search for the LO you want to modify and click the Options drop-down menu next to it. Click the Edit link.

Set Availability

To set availability for a training item:

  1. Click the Availability tab.
  2. Select an OU type from the Select Criteria drop-down.

  1. Click Search icon to select the specific OU .
  2. Search OUs by Name, Owner, or ID. Enter full or partial information and click Search.

  1. Select an OU by clicking the Add icon .
    • If selecting more than one OU within the same OU type.
      • Click Add icon another OU to the selected list within the same pop-up.
      • If OU name has already been selected, the Add icon will be replaced by "N/A."
  2. If necessary, you can create a new group to use as the availability by clicking Create New Group.

Include Subordinates

Check Include Subordinate to make the learning object (LO) available to the selected OU, as well as is its subordinate OUs.


Check the Pre-Approved option to exempt these OUs from requiring approval for the LO.

Register Upon Approval

Check the Register Upon Approval option to automatically register the selected users in the training, thereby allowing them to bypass having to register for the LO on their Transcript.

Availability Type

Selecting an availability type allows the training item to appear to users as Required, Suggested, or Featured in certain user-facing areas. The following availability type options are available:

  • None
  • Required - If the LO is set to Required, it appears on the Welcome page under Your Assigned Training or Required Training (if the Assigned Training widget or the Required Training widget is active on the Welcome Page). Note: Training set to Required is not actually assigned and must still be requested by the user.

  • Suggested - If the learning object is set to Suggested, it appears in the Suggested carousel on Learner Home and on the Welcome page under Suggested Training (if Suggested Training is active on the Welcome page).
  • Featured - If a learning object is set to Featured, the training item appears to the selected users in the Featured carousel on Learner Home, as well as in the Featured Training widget and also when users select Featured from the Training filter on the Browse for Training page. Note: Playlists are an exception to this behavior. If a playlist is designated as featured, it does NOT display in the Featured Training widget. The featured playlist does, however, display in the Featured carousel on the Learner Home page.

Training Request Form

From the drop-down, select a Training Form to be attached to this LO, if appropriate.

  • When attaching a training request form to a LO, only users who have not yet requested this LO will see the form.
  • The training request form will display for users when they request the LO. If a learning assignment is used to assign the LO, the user can access the training request form from the Training Details page for the LO in their transcript.
  • The user can modify the training request form after the initial submission by accessing it from the Training Details page in their transcript.

Note: If a training request form is not completed before the associated training item is completed, it does not appear on the user's transcript.


If editing multiple learning objects simultaneously, click Append to append availability changes or Replace to replace availability changes.


Click Submit to finalize the availability settings.

Helpful Hints - Certifications - Do Not Override LO Availability

For certifications that are configured not to override the availability settings defined in Course Catalog for a LO, the LO is only available in a certification to users who meet the availability criteria defined in Course Catalog for the LO. See Certification - Create - Step 1 - General.