Edge Import - Data Load Wizard (DLW) Migration Tool - Overview

The DLW Migration page enables administrators to migrate their DLW templates and feeds to Edge Import.

The following loads and feeds can be migrated to Edge Import using the DLW Migration tool:

  • Employee Salary Loads
  • Learning Loads
  • User/OU Loads and Feeds (currently only supported for non-Cornerstone HR clients because effective dated employee loads are not yet supported in Edge Import)

To access the DLW Migration Tool, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Imports and Feeds. Then, select the DLW Migration button.

Edge Import Migration Guides

  • Core Loads Migration - Select this link to download the Edge Import Core Loads Migration Guide.
    • Important: For customers using the following Data Load Wizard features that are not available in Edge Import, we do not recommend migration of Inbound Data Feed (IDF) for Users and OUs from Data Load Wizard to Edge Import at this time:
      • Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (SPII) fields - Date of Birth/SSN
    • Customers using the above features will be informed when these features are available in Edge Import and will be given at least three months to deprecate.

Edge Import Guides

DLW Migration Tool Tabs

The following tabs may be available within the DLW Migration Tool: