Collaborative Learning - Community Templates

Collaborative learning provides a collaborative, classroom-like, online learning experience where learners can collaborate with each other and communicate with an instructor.

Collaborative learning utilizes program and cohort learning objects (LOs). A cohort LO is a combination of a Connect community and a curriculum, where users can complete training within a curriculum structure and collaborate with other learners who are in the same cohort. A program LO is essentially a template for cohort LOs so that new cohort instances can be quickly created with a consistent structure.

Administrators can create community templates for use with programs and cohorts. A community template contains default content, including a banner, an HTML widget, topics, and postings. A community template is created in order to be used with a cohort LO, and when a cohort LO is created using a community template, a cohort community is created with all of the default content from the community template. This enables administrators to quickly create new cohort communities for each new cohort, allowing each cohort to have their own unique experience.

A cohort community contains all of the traditional community functionality, but also contains a Learning tab where users can view and complete training and an Instructor tab where instructors can engage with learners.

Within a cohort community, video LOs that use an uploaded video file that meets the minimum audio and video bit rates are launched in a unique pop-up that enables cohort community members to view the video, comment on specific moments of the video, and view other cohort members' comments on the video. As users view a video LO, the user is able to add comments, ask questions, view other students' comments and questions, and view instructors' responses to student comments and questions. Note: The ability to view video LOs in a pop-up, add comments, and view comments is not available for video LOs that use a YouTube link.


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