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Cohort - Create/Edit Overview

A cohort is a combination of a Connect community and a curriculum, where users can complete training within a curriculum structure and collaborate with other learners who are in the same cohort for an enhanced, social learning experience.

To create a cohort, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management > Programs and Cohorts. Then, click the View Cohorts icon in the Options column for the appropriate program. Then, click the Create New Cohort link.

The cohort creation process has five steps. Click on a step below for documentation about each step:

  1. See Cohort - Create/Edit - Step 1 - General.
  2. See Cohort - Create/Edit - Step 2 - Availability.
  3. See Cohort - Create/Edit - Step 3 - Structure.
  4. See Cohort - Create/Edit - Step 4 - Community.
  5. See Cohort - Create/Edit - Step 5 - Cohort Details.


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