Certification Requests - Pending Requests

From the View Certification Requests page, administrators can view current and past certification requests including initial certification, completion, external training, renewal, and exemption requests. Administrators can also view the details of the request and search for a request by requestor name and by date.

Administrators can then approve or deny requests from this page. See Certification Approval Workflow.

The View Certification Requests page is accessed from the Manage Certifications page.

To access the View Certification Requests page, go to Certifications > Certification Management, and then click the Manage Pending Requests link.

By default, the pending certification requests are displayed. To view past requests, click the Past Requests tab in the Certification Requests section.

To search for a request, enter the requester name or enter a range of dates and click search. When searching by name, requests by that requester are returned, and when searching by date, requests made within the specified date range are returned.

To export the list of displayed certification requests to Excel, click the Export to Excel link. Export to Excel supports exports of up to 3000 users at once.


The following options are available in the Options column: