Certification Requests - Pending Requests

From the Certification Requests page, certification owners can view current and past certification requests including initial certification, completion, external training, renewal, and exemption requests. The certification owners can also view the details of the request and search for a request by requester name and by date.

The certification owners can then approve or deny requests from this page and also approve pending requests in bulk. See Certification Approval Workflow.

To access the Certification Requests page, go to Certifications > Certification Management, and then click the Manage Pending Requests link.

By default, the pending certification requests are displayed. To view past requests, click the Past Requests tab in the Certification Requests page.

To search for pending requests, use the following:

  • Requested By - Enter the Username, User ID, or Email
  • Certification Title - Enter title of the Certification
  • Request Type - From the dropdown, select a specific type of request
  • Request Date - Select the date of request

You can also select Include Inactive checkbox to include inactive users and then click search.

The following information displays for each pending certification request:

  • Requested By - The user who requested for approval
  • Organizational Unit - Organizational entity of the user.
  • User Status - It shows if a user is active or inactive. The inactive users appear if you select Include Inactive checkbox.
  • Requested Date - The date the request was made.
  • Request Type - The type of request made.
  • Certification Title - The certificate title for which the approval was requested.
  • Options column - The actions to be taken on a request.

The certification owner can approve or deny pending certifications requests individually by clicking the Approve and Deny buttons under Options column.

The pending requests can also be bulk approved by selecting more than one request and clicking the Approve button. To read more about bulk approval, See Certification Requests - Approve or Deny Requests.

To export the list of displayed certification pending requests to Excel, click the Export to Excel. Export to Excel exports up to 5000 users at once. The EXPORT TO EXCEL is grayed out if no records exist to export.


The following options are available in the Options column: