Certification Approval Workflow

When a certification approval is requested, depending on the request type, the request is sent to the following person:

  • Exception (Certification Prerequisite) - Certification Owner
  • Exception of Prerequisite of LO item within Certification - Learning Object Approval Workflow
  • External Training - Certification Owner
  • Completion Item - Learning Object Approval Workflow
  • Completion of Certification Period - Certification Owner
  • Initial Request (If approval is required) - Certification Owner

Certification availability overwrites learning object (LO) availability but does not overwrite approval requirements. If a user requires approval for a specific item, the item is still subject to approval.

Note: The Certification Owner role is controlled by the Certification Owner permission. The creator constraints on this permission determine the certifications for which the user is the owner, which affects which certifications the user can approve or deny. The certification owner can approve or deny certification requests from users within the permission constraints.