Certification Requests - Approve/Deny

To approve or deny a request, first view the details of the request by clicking the request title, and then in the Options column, click the green checkmark to approve the request, or click the red X to deny the request.

The Approve/Deny Request page opens, where you can enter up to 500 characters in the Comments box to explain the approval or denial. Clicking Submit commits the approval or denial. Clicking Cancel returns you to the View Certification Requests page.

When a request is approved or denied, the request is moved to the Past Requests tab and it no longer appears in the Pending tab. The request is also removed from the certification owner's outstanding requests.

Any comments are stored and are displayed to users and administrators in the Approval History section for the certification. The comments also appear in the Comment column of the Past Requests tab on the View Certification Requests page.

When a certification request is approved, the Approve Certification email is triggered (if enabled). If a period begins or is completed as a result of a certification approval, the Period Begin Reminder or Period Completion Notification emails are triggered if enabled.

Approve/Deny Initial Request

Approve/Deny Completion Request

Note: When a certification section is approved as complete, the completion date is set as the date that the section is actually completed, rather than the date the approver approves the completion.