Curricula Overview

A curriculum is a group of learning objects (LOs) which act and function as a single learning object in the system. A curriculum can instructor-led training, online courses, tests, materials, and even administrator-defined action steps or free form items. Once created, a curriculum acts as a single learning object for users to search for and request, for managers to assign and approve, and for administrators to track and report. For example, a new hire curriculum may include all the training a new employee needs to complete during their orientation. A job skill curriculum for nurses may include all the sanitation training that must be completed in order to work at a specific hospital.

Curriculum functionality allows administrators to create blended learning programs that are flexible and easy for learners to manage. Administrators are able to set specific parameters and conditions for each training item in a curriculum, including display order and order of completion. Curricula can be organized into sections and administrators can determine the order of completion for each section or even allow learners to choose which items they complete within each section.

Organizations may choose to display the training hours for the curriculum. This gives users an estimate as to how long it takes to complete the curriculum. The training hours for the curriculum is calculated by adding the training hours from all LOs within the curriculum structure, regardless of whether the LOs are optional or required for the curriculum. In addition, LOs that do not have associated training hours, such as curriculum notes, forms, or postings, do not impact the curriculum's training hours, though they do require time to complete. The display of curricula training hours is controlled by a backend setting. When this is enabled, a script must be run to calculate total hours for existing curricula. To enable this functionality, contact Global Customer Support.

Creating and Managing Curricula

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