What's New for the 18 May 2018 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 18 May 2018 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Core FTP Account Management - Password Reset With this enhancement, when an administrator needs to update their FTP account password, they can do so via self-service in the Cornerstone system, with new permissions. This allows administrators to quickly and securely reset FTP account passwords on their own.
Core Historical Upload Tool (HUT) Retirement With the May '18 Release, Cornerstone no longer supports, and organizations no longer have access to, the Historical Upload Tool (HUT). HUT was a legacy tool used to upload Event/Session data and associate users to groups. Built prior to Data Load Wizard (DLW), the tool has seen declining/limited usage over time and is not enabled in newer portals. Organizations still using the HUT should contact their Client Success Manager to determine which solution will be most effective moving forward.
Cornerstone HR Form Approval Workflow - Approve by Group or OU With this enhancement, organizations can add a group or organizational unit (OU) to a form approval workflow. This enables more powerful employee and manager self-service capabilities through enhanced workflow configuration, which frees administrator time to work on other priorities.
Recruiting Add to Move to Requisition Logic Supported in Mobile-Friendly Workflow With this enhancement, when an applicant is added or moved to a new requisition and some but not all answers have been answered from the first requisition, the applicant will continue with the second application using the mobile-friendly candidate workflow. In addition, the applicant's previously answered questions will populate in the new mobile-friendly workflow.
Recruiting ADP WOTC Integration Changes With this enhancement, the process of enabling the ADP WOTC integration is updated.
Recruiting Hiring Manager Shortlist Summary Email Tag SSO Enhancement For organizations that use SSO, the REVIEW.APPLICANT.RESUME.SUMMARY email tag will now be SSO enabled so that hiring managers do not have to log in to Cornerstone to review applicants. Many hiring managers do not log into Cornerstone on a daily basis, so needing to remember a new login only to review resumes is unnecessary.
Recruiting Applicant Profile Creation Terms of Service Checkbox A terms of service checkbox is added to the Create a Profile page on career sites. Applicants must check the box in order to create a profile.
View View People - Additional Fields As part of the May and June 2018 patch releases, new field types can be added as Succession Metric filters and Career Preferences Attribute filters to View People Preferences. The new field types can then be used as filters on the View People page.