Action Items - Feedback

A user's feedback requests appear on the Actions tab within Universal Profile. This enables users to easily respond to a feedback request or decline to respond to the request.

To access the Action Items, go to Home > Universal Profile. Then, click the Actions tab.

To view feedback requests, go to Home > Universal Profile > Actions.

View Team

The View Team flyout allows managers, approvers, and custom relationships to quickly navigate between subordinates' profiles and transcripts. When enabled, the View Team flyout is available to managers and dotted line managers on all pages of their Universal Profile and the Universal Profile of their subordinates. This flyout displays the manager's reports visually.

The View Team button displays if enabled in the portal. Administrators may enable or disable this flyout via the My Team Dropdown section within Universal Profile General Preferences. See Universal Profile General Preferences.

See Universal Profile - View Team Flyout.


An Options drop-down may be available on various pages of the Universal Profile. This menu may include options such as Assign Training and Create Goal. See Universal Profile Options Drop-down Overview.

Feedback Request Action Item Details

When a feedback request is displayed in Universal Profile: Actions, the following is displayed for each request:

  • Color Strip - The left edge of the action item icon is color coded to represent proximity to the due date of the action item. For example, if the action item due date is past due, then the color strip is red to indicate that action is required immediately. If an action item due date is not eminent, then the color strip is green to indicate that action is not required immediately. See the Color Strip Key section below for additional information.
  • Title - This displays the action item title. Click the action item title to open the feedback request.
  • Due Date - This displays the due date for the feedback request. Feedback requests currently do not have due dates, so "No Due Date" is displayed.
  • Status - This displays the current status of the request.
  • Submitted By - This displays the name of the user who submitted the feedback request. This is only displayed if the feedback is requested by someone other than the feedback recipient.

Note: When accessing pending feedback requests from the Inbox Widget, users are redirected to the Universal Profile: Actions page with the actions filtered to display only feedback requests.

Action Item Options

The following options may be available from the action item drop-down menu for feedback request recipients:

  • Launch - Select this option to open the feedback request.
  • Decline to Respond - Select this option to remove the feedback request from the Actions page without providing feedback. The Status of the feedback request is changed to Deleted when viewed on the Feedback Requests page.

Color Strip Key

The following colors are available:

  • Red - Due today or past due
  • Orange - Due within the next seven days, not including today
  • Green - Due after seven days