Reference Letter Form for Referrers

When applicants complete the Reference Letter Request task, the referrers they name in the task are sent the Reference Letter Request email, provided that the email is configured by the administrator in Email Administration. The email must be configured to include a link to launch the reference letter form, which referrers use to access and submit their reference letter.

Note: The email that is sent to referrers is not sent to the applicant.

Launch & Submit Reference Letter

To create and submit a reference letter, the referrer clicks the form link in the email. This launches the form. The information that displays on the form is dependent upon the configuration of the form by the administrator. The form may contain a text box into which the referrer can type or paste their reference letter.

Once the referrer has written the reference letter, they click Submit. A message displays, indicating that the reference letter has been successfully submitted. The letter is automatically added to the Documents tab on the Applicant Profile page for the applicant. The Reference Form Completed email is triggered, if configured by the administrator in Email Administration.

The referrer can click the Cancel button to cancel creating the reference letter.

Link Validity

The form is only valid for the current applicant and cannot be reused or resubmitted for a different applicant.

Link Expiration

The link to the reference letter form expires within 30 days of the Reference Letter Request email being sent.