My Profile - View and Edit Profile Information

The Profile Information section displays the applicant's basic profile data. When a user first accesses their profile, this section only displays their name, contact information, photo, and applicant consideration preference.

To view the My Profile page, click the My Profile link in the upper-right corner of any page in the Career Site. If an applicant has not yet created a profile, they can click the Create a Profile link in the upper-right corner of any page in the career site.

Edit Profile

To edit your profile information, click Edit Profile in the Options drop-down. This opens the Edit Profile page from which you can edit your contact information and select your preferred language.

In addition, you may have the option to indicate whether you want to be considered for other positions or deactivate your profile.

Consider Me for Other Positions

Select this option if you would like to be available in the candidate search functionality, which means that you are visible when recruiters search for candidates for other positions. The setting applies to all existing and future applications that you submit. You can uncheck the box to no longer be searchable for other positions.

For applicants submitted by a recruiting agency, checking this option overrides the setting that is available when configuring recruiting agencies that allows applicants submitted by agency users to be available in Candidate Search after a certain timeframe.

Deactivate My Profile

Select this option to deactivate your profile. When you click Save to save the setting, a warning pop-up displays, indicating that deactivating your profile will permanently delete the profile.

If Yes is clicked in the warning pop-up, then you are immediately logged out of the career site and your applicant data is archived and scrambled in the Applicant Tracking System, ensuring that your personal data is irretrievable following deactivation of your profile. Your profile cannot be reactivated, and you will need to create a new profile in order to apply to jobs on the career site.

If No is selected in the warning pop-up, then the pop-up closes without any changes being saved.

Note: The option to deactivate the profile does not display for applicants in a Hired status and is not available for internal applicants. In addition, this option must first be enabled by the administrator in Compliance Enablement Preferences in order to display on the My Profile page.

Save Your Changes

After entering the appropriate information, click Save. This validates the information and refreshes the page with the new information. The profile information is saved in the User Record within the system.

To cancel the changes to the profile, click Cancel.