Career Site - Log-in and Profile Bar

The Log-in/Profile bar is required on all Career Site pages and is used to log in to, log out of, create, and edit a profile. The Log-in/Profile bar cannot be configured and always appears below the page header.

Create a Profile

If the user has not yet created a profile, users can click the Create a Profile link. See Career Site - Sign In and Self Register.


For portals with multiple languages enabled, when applicants are logged in to a career site, a language selector drop-down displays in the upper-right corner of career site pages to enable applicants to view the career site, search for jobs, and view search results and job ads in their preferred language. To choose the language, applicants select the language from the drop-down and click Yes in the confirmation prompt. This updates the career site to display in the selected language.

If the applicant's preferred language is not available, then by default, the career site displays in the default language of the career site.

Note: The header and footer only display in the applicant's language if a value is defined in the applicant's preferred language. If the header/footer is not configured in the applicant's language, then they display in the career site's default language.

Note: The confirmation pop-up does not display for anonymous users.

Change Language

If an applicant changes the selection in the language drop-down, the language on the applicant's My Profile page also changes.

My Profile

To view their profile, users can click My Profile. See Career Site - My Profile Overview.

Log In

If the user has created a profile, but is not logged in, users can click Log In. See Career Site - Sign In and Self Register.

Log Out

To log out of their account, users can click Log Out.