Application - Pre-Screening Questions

Pre-screening questions are commonly used to prescreen and remove applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements of a job. If an applicant completing the application process answers at least one of the questions incorrectly, then the system excludes that person from the list of submissions for the recruiter to review. A user who answers the pre-screening question wrong is not prevented from completing the application process. The system may be configured to send an email to the applicant after their submission to inform them they are not right for the job.

Some questions may have been configured to have one or more follow-up questions. The follow-up questions will be required or optional for the candidate, depending on how the question was configured. See Application Workflow - Prescreen Questions. Availability Note: The ability to create branched prescreening questions is only available for portals that have self-enabled the Mobile-Friendly Candidate Experienceself-enabled the Mobile-Friendly Candidate Experience. Creating branched questions will be available in Stage portals with the 6 March 2019 Stage release. This functionality will be available in Production portals with the 22 March 2019 patch release.

Note to Administrators and Recruiters: When an applicant fails the pre-screening, you might decide that you would still like to keep the applicant in consideration for the job. You can do this by manually changing the applicant's status on the Manage Applicants page or the Applicant Profile page.

Section Title

For the pre-screening questions action item, the action item title is ignored. The section title for the section that contains the action item is used.


Each question functions as its own test so that elimination questions can be mixed with regular questions. Once the applicant advances to the next action item, the pre-screening questions become read-only and cannot be modified.

The applicant must complete all questions to advance to the next action item.


Click Submit to submit to move to the next step in the application workflow. The Next button will be grayed out and not selectable. Note: The applicant can still click Save and Return Later to complete the application at a later time.


Applicants can click Back to return to the previous page in the Pre-Screening Questions section, which allows the applicant to change the answers to questions on previous pages. When using the Back button, the Submit button changes to Resubmit so that applicants can submit their updated responses.