Offline Player Application Overview

With the Offline Player, users can launch online classes while no Internet connection is available. These online classes should be pre-loaded to the device while connected to the Internet. Note: The Offline Player must be installed on a user's computer by their organization's IT department.

Once the Offline Player is connected with your transcript, you can download and play the eligible online classes that are in their transcript via the Offline Player. Using the Offline Player, online courses behave as though they are being used online. The player keeps bookmarks, saves progress, etc. Once the training is complete and users must reconnect to the Internet, and then the results can be uploaded back to the system.

You may also partially complete a course while online, continue working on the course while offline, and then complete the course online.

In order for a course to be eligible for use with the Offline Player, the course must be flagged as Available Offline by the administrator. If this flag is not set, users do not have the option to download the course. Courses must also meet the technical requirements in order to be eligible for use with the Offline Player. Note: Curricula are not supported by the Offline Player. Further, online courses within a curriculum cannot be accessed via the Offline Player. See Offline Player - Technical Requirements.

Multiple users can use the Offline Player on the same computer by logging out and logging in as the appropriate user.

Once a course is downloaded, the course is locked on the transcript. This is to prevent users from overwriting their offline progress. Courses are locked until the results are uploaded from the Offline Player. A user can also unlock a locked course from their transcript by clicking the Unlock link in the Options column, but this overwrites any progress that has not been uploaded using the Offline Player.

Launch Offline Player

The Offline Player must be installed to your computer by your organization's IT department. After the Offline Player is installed, launch the player by double-clicking the Offline Player icon on your desktop.

After launching the Offline Player, you must log in to the Offline Player. See Offline Player - Log In.