Learning Details - Curricula

When a user accesses the Learning Details page for a curriculum, they are able to view the contents of the curriculum. A list of the child training included in the curriculum displays on the Learning Details page in a flat, easy-to-view design.

Additionally, the contents of a curriculum are not clickable, to prevent user confusion about how to consume the curriculum training. If there is a pre-launch workflow configured for the curriculum, users can initiate it from the Action card. Similarly, if there are no pre-launch workflows configured, the user can click the OPEN CURRICULUM option to access the Curriculum Player and consume the child training from within the Curriculum Player.

Each child training item within the curriculum displays on the Learning Details page with the following information:

  • Training type - This is the type of training, such as online course, curriculum, event, etc.
  • Training Title - This is the title of the training item.

Note: If a curriculum is configured with nested levels, that structure is represented for one level on the Learning Details page.

Exception Requests

Users can generate an exception request when a session they are requesting has prerequisite training that the user has neither requested nor completed.

If a user requests a session with prerequisites from the Curriculum Details page, but the user has not yet requested or completed the prerequisites, a pop-up appears. The pop-up asks the user if they would like to submit an exception request for the session's prerequisites. The user can select from the following options:

  • Yes - If the user clicks this option, an exception request is generated for the prerequisite. The exemption request will be sent to administrators with permission to manage exemption requests, who can then approve or deny the request.
  • No - If the user clicks this option, the pop-up closes and no action is performed.

For more information about exception requests: See Exception Requests.

For more information about approving and denying exception requests as an administrator: See Grant/Deny Requests.


The following considerations apply to the Learning Details page for curricula:

  • If the curriculum structure exceeds a certain length, a Show More link displays. The user can click this link to expand the entire curriculum and view all of its contents.