SMP Talent Conference Task - Create - Step 3 - Co-Planners

Use the Co-Planners page to configure whether moderators can select co-planners for their task. This step also enables administrators to select default co-planners for the task.

Co-planners have access to all functionality that is available to moderators. Adding and allowing co-planners is optional.

To create a Succession Management Planning (SMP) task, go to Admin > Tools > Succession Management > Tasks. Then, click the Add SMP Task link.

Allow users to select co-planners

To allow moderators to select their own co-planners during the task, select theAllow users to select co-planners option.

Default Co-planners

  • To add a default co-planner for the task, click the plus icon to the right of the Default Co-Planners. On the Add Co-Planner pop-up, select a Co-planner and availability. Default co-planners are automatically set as co-planners based on availability, regardless of whether or not the moderators are able to select their own co-planners. Adding co-planners is optional.

Co-Planners Table

  • Name - The name of the selected co-planner.
  • Availability - The selected availability for the co-planner.
  • Options:
    • Click the edit icon to edit a default co-planner's availability.
    • Click the remove icon to remove a default co-planner.

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