SMP Talent Conference Task - Create - Step 3 - Co-Planners

When creating or editing a talent conference task, the Co-Planners step enables administrators to configure whether moderators can select co-planners for their task. This step also enables administrators to select default co-planners for the task.

Co-planners have access to all functionality that is available to moderators. Adding and allowing co-planners is optional.

To create a Succession Management Planning (SMP) task, go to Admin > Tools > Succession Management > Tasks. Then, click the Add SMP Task link.

Allow users to select co-planners

To allow moderators to select their own co-planners during the task, select theAllow users to select co-planners option.

Add Default Co-planners

To add a default co-planner for the task, click the plus icon to the right of the Default Co-Planners heading. Adding co-planners is optional. Default co-planners are automatically set as co-planners based on availability, regardless of whether or not the moderators are able to select their own co-planners. The Add-Co-Planner pop-up appears.

To edit a default co-planner's availability, click the Edit icon.

To remove a default co-planner, click the Remove icon.

Back, Cancel, or Next

Click Back to return to the Availability step. See SMP Talent Conference Task - Create - Step 2 - Availability.

Click Cancel to discard any unsaved changes and return to the SMP Task Administration page. See SMP Task Administration Overview.

Click Next to proceed to the Confirm step. See SMP Talent Conference Task - Create - Step 4 - Confirm.