SMP Talent Conference Task - Create - Step 2 - Availability

When creating or editing a talent conference task, the Availability step enables administrators to determine who will serve as moderator for the talent conference task. This step also determines which users the moderator can select as assessors or assessees for the task. The moderators are assigned the task and they are able to select which employees within their set visibility will be reviewers and which employees will be calibrated during the talent conference task.

To create a Succession Management Planning (SMP) task, go to Admin > Tools > Succession Management > Tasks. Then, click the Add SMP Task link.

Select Moderators

To select a moderator for the task, click the plus icon to the right of the Availability section heading. This opens a Select User pop-up, in which administrators can select moderators. All selected moderators appear in the Moderator table.

To remove a moderator, click the Remove icon to the left of the appropriate moderator.

At least one moderator must be selected.

Select Visibility

The visibility of each moderator determines which users the moderator can select to be calibrated within the talent conference task. For example, if a Division A is selected for a moderator, then the moderator is able to select users from Division A to be assessed in the talent conference task.

To select visibility for a moderator, select the appropriate availability from the Visibility drop-down list. Multiple OUs can be selected.

  • After selecting an OU, you may also choose to include the subordinate OUs in the visibility. Note: When you include subordinate OUs, you include all subordinate OUs, not just the direct subordinate OUs.
  • As a best practice, if the task uses ratings from a specific succession task, the visibility should match the population of users who were included in the succession task.

Visibility must be set for each moderator, and moderators cannot share visibility.

Back, Cancel, or Next

Click Back to return to the General step. See SMP Talent Conference Task - Create - Step 1 - General.

Click Cancel to discard any unsaved changes and return to the SMP Task Administration page. See SMP Task Administration Overview.

Click Next to proceed to the Co-Planners step. See SMP Talent Conference Task - Create - Step 3 - Co-Planners.