Resume Administration

The Resume page allows you to configure the default and custom sections that display on the Resume tab in Career Center or in Universal Profile: Bio. The attachments section allows users to upload attachments to the Resume. Custom fields can be added to all resume sections. You can order and inactivate sections.

The Applicant Resume column appears only if Recruiting is enabled for the portal. This section displays the name of the Applicant Resume section to which the corresponding resume section is mapped. If the resume section is not mapped to an Applicant Resume section, nothing is displayed in this column.

Note: It is a recommended best practice to activate either the Previous Positions section or the Internal Positions section, but not both. Since the Previous Positions section allows users to enter previous positions manually and the Internal Positions section performs a similar task automatically (if Organizational Units are configured for the section), users might be confused by having both sections on the Resume tab.

When adding a field to a section on the Define Section page, the field is active by default.

To access the Resume Administration page, go to Admin > Tools > Succession Management > Resume.

Add Section

To add a resume section, click the Add Section link. The Resume can contain up to 30 sections. The process for adding a section varies if Universal Profile - Resume is enabled:


The following options may be available in the Options column:

  • Edit - Click this icon to edit the section.
  • Define Attributes - You can define custom attributes for "Attribute List" field types by clicking this icon. The Define Attributes icon only displays if at least one field is configured as an "Attribute List" field type on the Define Section page.
  • Copy - Click this icon to copy the section. This option is only available if Universal Profile - Resume is enabled.
  • Delete - Sections that do not have a Delete icon in the Options column are default sections and cannot be deleted but can be inactivated.

Custom Fields

  • A maximum of 10 fields can be available for the section, including static and custom fields. Custom fields will appear in the order they were added.
  • The available field types for custom fields for all Resume sections are:
    • Numeric (output allows for character limit: 5, including 2 decimal points)
    • Short Text Box (output allows for character limit: 100)
    • Drop-down (output allows for character limit: 50 per attribute)
    • Date Field
    • Checkbox

Helpful Hints - Career Center Administration

  • If the require date checkbox is not checked and then is checked later, all the dates that have already been entered on the Career Center will default to the first day of the month.
  • If a category is active, then is deactivated, and then activated again, the information that was previously entered by the user for that category will reappear. The user will not need to re-enter the information.
  • If the name of a category type is edited by the administrator then all items of that type that have been added to the user's Career Center will be updated with the new name.

Helpful Hints - Integration with Other Parts of the System

  • Administrators can search on users based on the attributes they have entered on their Career Center through the Team Builder or Candidate Search functionality. This search is done to create teams of users with appropriate experience and credentials or to find individual candidates for open positions with appropriate experience or credentials.
  • The Universal Profile - Bio functionality draws Skills data from the Career Center.
  • A user's willingness to relocate entered on the Career Preferences page is displayed in the Succession Management Plan (SMP) task in the Individual Profile section.


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