Job Requisition Template - Create - Applicant Review Tab

The Applicant Review tab of the requisition template displays all of the applicant statuses that are defined on the General tab of the template. Each status displays as an individual panel in the order in which the status appears on the General tab. In addition, each panel has a status type, which is defined for the status in Applicant Statuses.

From this tab, administrators can customize and configure the functionality related to the applicant statuses that are defined for a requisition template. Users can also be added to statuses to associate users with the functionality that is related to the status type. Status change emails can also be configured for each status.

To access the Requisition Templates page, go to Admin > Tools > Recruitment > Requisition Templates. The Applicant Reviewer tab is available when creating, editing, or copying a requisition template.


Status Types

Each status has an associated status type. The status type determines the functionality that is available in the status panel. The same status type can appear multiple times for an applicant. See the following topics for more information about each status type:

Status Change Emails

Status change emails can be configured for each status type. See Status Change Emails.