Create Interview Guide - Interview Guide Content

In the Interview Guide Content section, you define the competencies that the interviewers will use to evaluate the applicant. From here, you can add an existing competency model or create a new list of competencies. You can modify the rating scale for the competency model or define a new rating scale that is specific to the competencies you created.

Note: Implementation of the Performance module is not required in order to create interview guides. Competencies can be created within the guide, and a rating scale can be defined. However, for portals with Performance enabled, all existing competency models within Competency Assessment Management are available for use in interview guides.

To create an interview guide, go to Admin > Tools > Recruit > Interview Guides. Then, click Create Interview Guide.


The Instructions field enables administrators to provide general direction for the interview, such as requesting that the interviewer arrive to the interview on time and touch on all questions associated with each competency. This section can also be used to explain how to evaluate the applicant's aptitude for the competencies.

Enter instructions in the Instructions field, up to 2000 characters. The instructions appear for interviewers when viewing the guide. If instructions are not provided, then "None" displays in the Instructions section on the guide for the interviewer. This is not a required field. If multiple languages are enabled for your portal, select the Translate icon to translate the field into other available languages.

Best Practice: Instructions should include a note that the interviewer should click Begin Evaluation to be able to record scores and comments in the Interview Guide.

Best Practice: If the Require Ratings box is checked in the Interview Guide Scoring section, then it is a best practice to indicate in the Instructions field that interviewers are required to rate the applicant on each competency. If this information is not provided in the instructions, then interviewers may not be aware that rating the applicant is required until they click Submit on the Interview Guide page and view the error message informing them that rating the applicant is required.

Interview Competencies

The following options are available in this section:

Rating Scale

The Rating Scale section allows you to define the scale on which applicants will be rated for the competencies. For portals without Performance enabled, you can create and manage a rating scale for the guide.

For portals with Performance enabled, you can use or modify the existing rating scale for the competency model. The rating scale for the selected competency model displays in the Rating Scale section when the competency model is added.

A rating scale for the guide is required.

Rating Score Display

The following options are available to display the rating score:

  • Toggle buttons - If this option is selected, then the ratings in the rating scale appear in a Toggle button display for interviewers when they rate the applicant. Note: This option cannot be used if the Score column on the rating scale exceeds 11 characters or displays non-numeric characters. In such cases, only the Dropdown option can be used to display the ratings.

  • Dropdown - If this option is selected, then the ratings in the rating scale appear in a drop-down for interviewers when they rate the applicant.

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