Best Practices - Performance Review Task Administration

Re-opening Performance Review Steps and extending their associated due dates are important tools that can help you manage assigned performance reviews and account for exceptional cases within Performance Review Tasks.

Re-opening Performance Review Steps

Re-opening Performance Review Steps allows reviewers to edit comments that had previously been included within a task. Administrators can use this functionality in conjunction with the Proxy as User option to troubleshoot or in special cases modify the submitted review information.

When a Performance Review Step is re-opened, all the ratings and comments submitted within the review step are maintained. If an active email is configured for the step, the email trigger Performance Review Step Assigned will fire when the step is re-opened.

There is an option within review tasks allow Managers and users within Custom Relationships to re-open review steps within a Performance Review Task from the manager's step in the task.


  • The re-open functionality only works at the individual user level when viewing the task details by Reviewed.
  • Only one performance review step can be re-opened at a time. Re-opened steps must be re-submitted before another step can be re-opened.
  • When a Performance Review Step is re-opened, the status of the review step and task will not change, but will remain Completed or Past Due.
  • Re-opening a Performance Review Step does not automatically close other performance review steps that are already open.

Extending Due Dates

Extending Performance Review Step due dates is a way to offer additional time to reviewers who may have been absent during part of the performance review cycle. Due dates can be applied for all users within a Performance Review Task via the Extend Overall Review option, or for one user at a time.

After due date changes are applied to a past due step to select a future date, the status of the step will update to In Progress. Steps with the Deny Submission after Due Date option selected (including optional steps, but excluding review selector steps) can have their due date extended to allow the user to complete the step.

For overall tasks that display a Complete/Expired status, the due dates can still be adjusted but only for single users at a time from the Performance Review Task Details page. Other users within the task will not be affected.


  • Once a Performance Review Step is Past Due, due date changes made at the task level will not apply to the user.
  • For Reviewer Selector Steps, once the due date has passed the date cannot be extended at the task or individual level.
  • The due date of a step must be at a later date than the due date of the step(s) preceding it within the task workflow.
  • Due dates cannot be extended to a prior date and must be a future date.

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