Performance Review Task Details - Extend Due Dates

You can modify the actual date the step is due or the workflow due date for a step that is either In Progress or Not Started. You can also extend the due dates for the overall review task itself.

The updated dates only appear to users in In Progress or Not Started status. For tasks assigned to peer groups or direct reports, the due date can be reset for one or more specific users in the group. The reopened steps in the task list have a Reopened status and display regardless of the expired/completed checkbox.

If you reset a review, the workflow for the review appears in a pop-up.

  • To extend the overall due date of the review, in the upper section, click the Extend Review Dates link.
  • To extend due dates for an employee, click the Reset Review icon in the Options column.

Once the new dates are defined, all affected reviews that are Not Started or In Progress are updated.

Best Practices

For best practice information regarding performance reviews: See Best Practices - Performance Review Task Administration.