Create Login Message - Message

On the Message step, define the message content that displays to users. You can configure a separate message for each available language in the portal.

The Login Message works with the most commonly used landing pages:

  • Welcome Page
  • Custom Pages
  • Learner Home
  • Other pages that contain “/ui/” in the URL
  • Other pages that contain “/phnx/driver.aspx?” in the URL

To create a login message, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Core Preferences > Login Message. On the Login Message Administration page, click the Create Login Message link.

Message Language

If multiple languages are enabled, you may have the option to specify the login message in multiple languages.

To specify the login message in another language, select the language from the Language drop-down.

While creating the message in one language, you can select a different language to begin creating a message in another language. The message text is preserved in the corresponding language when switching back and forth between different languages. However, if you navigate away from the Message step by using the left navigation panel, the message text may be lost upon returning to the Message step.


  • In the Message box, enter the message. The Telerik Editor options are available, enabling you to configure fonts, colors, tables, images, and more. Design and HTML views are also available. Design view is selected by default.
  • Note: The ability to add script and iframe tags is based on backend settings. If the settings are turned off, a message appears below the language drop-down indicating that script tags are disabled and to contact your system administrator to enable these features. To enable these settings for your portal, contact Global Customer Support.


    Click Next to go to the Actions step. See Create Login Message - Actions.

    Click Back to go to the General step. See Create Login Message - General.