Inline Help Overview

In an effort to extend our self-service tools to our System Administrators, an extension of Help will now live in-product and move with you, so you don’t have to navigate away from your portal for additional resources. Each piece of content is an extension of Cornerstone’s training library in the form of videos, walkthroughs, and downloadable content. This service does not require a change to Cornerstone’s application code and is available only on system administrator pages, giving you quick access to support you as you work through the portal.

System Requirements

Select the below link to download the latest system requirements for using Inline Help.

Use Case - Intermediate User

Jim is a new Learning administrator, and he is eager to create a learning assignment. He has completed the Learning Assignment online course in the Cornerstone Success Center, but he feels a bit overwhelmed by the number of available settings. Also, he is not sure which options best apply to his organization. Jim can use the Step-by-Step Instructions to help guide him through the creation of a learning assignment.

Use Case - Skilled User

Debbie's struggles occur every time an employee joins a new department because they have to re-sign the employee handbook. Debbie has to then manually create a learning assignment with the Assign New Occurrence option selected in order to re-assign the employee handbook to new transfers. She is informed by a Product Specialist that the system is working as expected and that a dynamic learning assignment will not re-assign training that already exists elsewhere on the transcript. Debbie can use the Smart Tips to get quick pointers on how the Assign New Occurrence options work.


A small portion of the step-by-step instructions are not available for customers who have the Hide Breadcrumbs option selected in Display Preferences. However, most of the step-by-step instructions are still available, and this does not impact any other Inline Help content. See Inline Help - Show Breadcrumbs.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations.

Cornerstone utilizes the WalkMe cloud platform to provide the Show Me and Smart Tip functionality.


  • Show Me - A Show Me button may be available on select administrator pages. Select this button to enable a step-by-step walkthrough for the scenario.
  • Smart Tip - A Smart Tip icon may be available next to fields on select administrator pages. Hover the cursor over or select a Smart Tip icon to view tool-tip style access to useful information and best practices in places where additional clarification may help.


There are no permissions associated with this functionality. However, administrators must have permissions to access the various areas of the system on which the Inline Help features are available.