Inline Help - Step-by-Step Instructions

When viewing select administrator pages within the system, step-by-step instructions may be available to support new administrators as they learn to use the system.

Note: A small portion of the step-by-step instructions are not be available for customers who have the Hide Breadcrumbs option selected in Display Preferences. However, most of the step-by-step instructions are still available, and this does not impact any other Inline Help content. See Inline Help - Show Breadcrumbs.

Show Me

A Show Me button may be available on select administrator pages. Select this button to enable a step-by-step walkthrough for the scenario.

System administrators can choose to turn on and off the step-by-step instruction balloons.

Smart Tip

A Smart Tip icon may be available next to fields on select administrator pages. Hover the cursor over or select a Smart Tip icon to view tool-tip style access to useful information and best practices in places where additional clarification may help.