Place Requisition in On Hold Status

Job requisitions that are in an Open or Open Pending Re-Approval status can be placed in an On Hold status. Requisitions that are on hold are removed from career sites, Career Center, and agency portals, but are not removed from job boards. Only requisition managers and owners can place a requisition on hold and reopen the requisition.

Approval is not required for the On Hold status, even if Requisition and Applicant Preferences are configured to require approval for requisitions.

Place Requisition On Hold

To place a requisition on hold, select the On Hold option from the Requisition Status drop-down on the General tab when editing a requisition. Once the option is selected, the requisition must be resubmitted from the External Postings tab. Clicking Re-Submit opens a confirmation pop-up. Click Yes to place the requisition on hold. Or, click No to cancel the on-hold action.

Reopen Requisition

Requisitions can be removed from the On Hold status by clicking Re-Open Requisition in the Requisition Status field. This opens a confirmation pop-up that indicates the requisition must be resubmitted in order to be reopened. Click OK to close the pop-up. This enables all editable fields in the requisition.

To resubmit the requisition, navigate to the External Postings page and click Re-Submit. This reopens the requisition. The requisition status changes to its former status, either Open or Open Pending Re-Approval.

If any fields in the requisition are edited prior to resubmitting, and the changes require approval, then the requisition status changes to Open Pending Re-Approval. The requisition is reopened, but the changes to the fields that require approval must be approved per the existing approval workflow functionality.

Impact of On Hold Status

Placing a requisition on hold has the following impact:

  • All pending edits to the requisition are removed. The pending edits cannot be recovered.
  • All career site and Career Center postings are removed. The postings can be restored by reopening the requisition.
  • The requisition can be viewed, but all fields on the requisition are grayed out and not editable.
  • The On Hold status is tracked on the Requisition History pop-up.
  • The following areas of the Recruiting functionality that display a requisition's status display the requisition as being in an On Hold status:
    • Manage Job Requisitions page
    • Job Requisition - General tab
    • Requisition Snapshot
    • Requisition History pop-up
    • Agency portals
    • Requisition Details Report
    • Custom reporting
  • The timer for the Days Open column on the Manage Job Requisitions page and Time to Fill are stopped while the requisition is on hold. The timers start again from where they stopped once the requisition is reopened. For example, a requisition is opened on January 1 and is placed on hold on January 5. The requisition is reopened on January 10. On January 15, the Days Open and Time to Fill value is 10. Note: The Time to Fill field is a reporting field found in standard and custom Recruiting reports.