Manage Applicants - SHL Assessment

Manage Applicants Deprecation: Cornerstone is deprecating Manage Applicants in Q1 2024. See Manage Applicants Overview.

SHL assessments can be assigned to applicants from the Actions drop-down on the Manage Applicants page.

To access the Manage Applicants page, go to Recruit > Manage Requisition. On the Manage Job Requisitions page, locate the requisition for which you would like to manage candidates. From there, click the linked number of candidates in the Applicants column.

SHL Assessment Action Item

An Assign SHL Assessment action item is available in the Actions drop-down for portals with an integration with SHL. This options enables recruiters to assign SHL assessments to applicants. The action item displays if at least one SHL Assessment status type is configured with an assessment, even if none of the applicants are currently in a status for which the assessment is configured.

To assign an SHL assessment:

  1. Select one or more applicants by checking the checkbox to the left of the applicant's name. When batch assigning SHL assessments, the only applicants who can be included are applicants who are in the same status that has an SHL assessment configured for the status.
  2. Click the Assign SHL Assessment link in the Actions drop-down. This assigns the assessment to the applicants.

If the assessment is successfully assigned, then a confirmation message displays at the top of the page. If the assessment is not successfully assigned, then an error message displays.

Once assigned, the assessment appears in the applicant's My Tasks panel in either Career Center or on the career site.

If configured by the administrator, assigning the assessment triggers the SHL Assessment Assigned email.