Manage Applicants Overview

Manage Applicants Deprecation: Cornerstone will be deprecating Manage Applicants in Q1 of 2024.

As part of the April '21 release, a Manage Candidates Default feature is added to Feature Activation Preferences. This feature is on by default and enables the redirect to Manage Candidates from Manage Requisitions in Production and Pilot portals. However, if the redirect to Manage Candidates impedes your recruiting practices, then you can disable this feature by turning the toggle to Off in Feature Activation Preferences. When turned off, clicking the Applicants count from the Manage Requisitions page in Production and Pilot portals opens Manage Applicants instead of Manage Candidates.

The Hiring Dashboard and Review Applicants pages link to Manage Applicants in Production and Pilot portals. Enabling or disabling the Manage Requisitions redirect to Manage Candidates does not affect the Hiring Dashboard or Review Applicants pages.

The Manage Applicants page enables you to manage applicants who have been processed and perform a number of actions, such as assign training and change the status of applicants, all in one convenient place. All applicants in an active status (i.e., other than New Submission, Closed, or Hired) display.

From the Manage Applicants page, you can also access the following for each applicant:

  • Applicant Profile page
  • Social media profiles

Note: Once a submission is an active status, they are considered an applicant. Because the display name of a status is configurable, status names may appear differently in your portal, including default statuses.

Column Visibility Note: The columns that display are dependent upon the settings defined on the Edit Page Layout page. The information in the columns will vary depending on the functionality that is enabled in your portal and the information submitted by the applicant on their application.

To access the Manage Applicants page, go to Recruit > Manage Requisition. On the Manage Requisition page, locate the requisition for which you would like to manage candidates. From there, click the linked number of candidates in the Applicants column.

Job Details

The Job Details link at the top of the page allows for quick access to the job description and job qualifications for the requisition. Clicking the link opens the Job Details pop-up. The pop-up displays the requisition's internal and external job description, minimum qualifications, and ideal qualifications.

  • For portals with multiple languages enabled, this displays in the user's language if available. If the user's language is not available, then this displays in the language of the user who defined it.
  • Note: The fields on the pop-up are not editable from the pop-up.

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