Edit Interview Session

When editing an interview session, all fields in the session are editable.

To access the Interview Scheduler to edit an interview, click View Feedback from Manage Candidates. Or, navigate to the Statuses tab of the applicant's profile page, and then click Schedule Interview(s) in the applicable status panel. This opens the interview that has been scheduled.

To edit an interview session click Edit in the schedule section. The session can be resent to the interviewers, and the session can be previewed in Outlook. You can also cancel the edits by clicking Cancel Edit. This cancels any pending changes to the session.

To save the changes, click Save and Send to Interviewer(s). This triggers the Interview Scheduling Notification - Interviewers email, if configured by the administrator in Email Management.

Notify Applicant of Cancelled Interview

If you are cancelling the interview and would like to notify the applicant, this will need to be done through one of the following options in the Applicant Tracking System:

A system email is not available in Email Administration that will automatically notify an applicant when an interview has been cancelled.

See Send Notification to Applicant.