Applicant Review Tab - Review Status Type

The Review status type panel on the Applicant Review tab of the job requisition is a placeholder for this step in the applicant status workflow. The panel displays the name of the status as the panel heading. The status type of Review displays in parentheses to the right of the status name. The panel is not expandable or collapsible. See Statuses Tab - Review Status Type.

Status change emails can be configured for the Review status type panel. See Status Change Emails.

Note: When viewing statuses of the type Review on the Applicant Profile page for the applicant, only the first instance of a status of the type Review displays the applicant review functionality, which includes the list of applicant reviewers, the date the Review Request was sent, the Reviewed checkbox, and the Add Reviewer option. All subsequent instances of a status of the type Review do not display the applicant review functionality. Instead, they display the name of the status as the panel heading and the status type of Review in the Type field within the panel, and the panels are not expandable or collapsible.

To access Manage Job Requisitions, go to Recruit > Manage Requisitions.